When and where you can go fishing in Singapore

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If you are planning a dream holiday or a well-deserved vacation, Singapore’s lakes can be the perfect choice, especially if you want to combine your passion for fishing.Whether on the Singapore River, the Singapore Strait, or in the open sea, the possibilities are varied. For a unique experience, you must rent a boat or charter sailboat with which to go out to sea, and enjoy a day of fishing.

Shrimp fishing is an activity that has a history of more than 20 years in Singapore. This is why it is easy to find centers that offer the possibility of fishing these animals from small ponds and then cooking them, something that the organizers describe as a relaxing and entertaining hobby for the whole family.

In Singapore, fishing is usually done in a single place where there are carefully controlled fish, so the chances of catching a big catch rise. The Singapore Association runs guided fishing trips where you can fish reef or giant herring. Typically, fishermen start from the beaches of the East Coast, Changi and Pulau Ubin, rowing in groups of two to eight on fishing kayaks. In this way, they “slip” slowly to explore the new hunting ground in a way that does not scare the fish.

Fishing is a game of hunting that involves sharing intelligence, power and patience. Start from on-site planning and setting the exact time, follow the thrill of fishing, when it moves something in your fishing rod, then approach and eventually land what you’ve got.

You will certainly not regret any time spent fishing, especially since you will be surrounded by a fishermen’s community of about 200,000 people, a number that is growing every year. Most fishermen are releasing their catch, but they are also keen to bring what they catch. You can put the catch in a box or ice bag, then fold it into the waterproof compartment of the kayak.

Here are some places you can go fishing while you are in Singapore:

You should definitely go to Bedok Jetty, one of the most popular fishing spots of all time. Be sure that you won’t regret it, because there were some breathtaking catches landed at this spot. If you want a big catch, you must talk to the regular anglers, they will give you a tip or two.

Changi Beach is also a great place to fish. This area is very quiet and peaceful and you can also camp here. You can find here whitings that you can use as bait to target their predators.

Last, but not least, you should go to Punggol Point Jetty to catch some spotted sickle fishes. This is an idyllic waterfront destination, where you can find alsoa playground and restaurants. So, you can take your family along.

Fishing enthusiasts often say that nothing compares with the freedom your morning fishing gives, when the sun rises from the horizon, moments when you feel like you are detached from everything.

Your big catch is waiting for you!

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