What you need to know before start fishing

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Fishing is a sport that can boast many fans. It is one of the few sports that can be practiced alone, as well as in company. Iffishing is your new hobby, but you don’t quit know where to start? I am here to help you. Here are some pointers for you. Before you start, you should check the list below.

– Before going to the chosen place always make sure you have the right equipment, which means that you will also need to have food, drinking water and possibly chairs and umbrellas to shelter from the summer sun. The priority, in fact, is to have with you everything you need to avoid interrupting the main reason for this sport: relaxation and the ability to relieve stress;

– Learn about the type of fish in the area. Many local newspapers dedicate some sections to fishing, list the names of the places where it is allowed, which fish are present and what kind of bait they catch;

– For beginners, the most beautiful fishing is the fishing tackle;

– Go to a specialist store and buy a fishing tackle;

– Start with a rod of about 1.8 m – 2.1 m long

–  Decide what you go fishing. If you are in a foreign country, it’s best to ask a local for some tips;

– In terms of baits, locals advise you to resort to raw chicken liver strips or insects such as crickets;

Always wear non-slip boots or shoes. These will be handy for the moments when you have to jump unexpectedly into the water. Equally useful and indispensable is the safety vest, whether you are in a boat or a kayak;

– You’d better buy the bait in the morning before you go fishing, so you do not have to keep it in the refrigerator until the next day. When you get to the pond, do not keep the bait in the sun;

– Once there, look for a suitable place. Try to keep a distance of at least 20 m from the fisherman next to you. This way, avoid hanging your mates or tangling your clubs;

– Install yourself and start bribe, it’s the first thing to do. The preparation of fishing gear follows. For angling, the ideal is to choose a place where water is deep in depth;

– Unfold your string and tie your thread to its end. The thread should not be longer than the wound. Do not worry if you do not know how to make a fishing node. For the first time, it is enough to twist the thread several times over the end of the line and make some normal knots. You can ask an experienced fisherman to help you;

– Explore the history of the pond, find out the weather conditions, wind is one of the most important factors in choosing a fishing spot, influencing the migration of fish, check the depth of the fishing spot, aim the quiet places where fish find peace and security;

Now,all you have to do is take your bounty and bait and go to the chosen pond.



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