What to pack for a fishing trip?

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Those who have just found the charm of fishing should know that there are basic things that a fisherman can’t miss. When you are a beginner, the first fishing trips can become difficult, since it is not known which are some of the essential elements that must be carried. If you want to have a nice experience, you should read the lines below, where we will make a brief review of the mandatory fishing accessories for any respected fisherman.

Unless you want to do a diving trip or fish with nets, the most recommendable thing is a reliable fishing rod and with the new retractable models we will not need a big space to carry it. You will also need lures, flies, and terminal tackle. Make sure you have extra fishing line in case you need to re-rig. Keep in mind that the type of line will vary depending on where you will be fishing, the method you intend to use, and the specific fish species you plan to target.Don’t forget about the bait. You should know that live bait will help ensure plenty of bites. Also you need to bring a tackle box that includes items such as various sizes of hooks, sinkers, bobbers or floats, lures, a de-hooker, swivels, leader material, and scissors.

Within the framework of protection for the new fisherman are the sunglasses, which will protect youfrom burns on the retina and from any possible damage by the contact with the sharp tips of the hooks in case a hook hits you;

If fishing from shore, it is best to fish with a lifejacket on, the type is like the one used to kayak, fitted to the body and with a wide opening in the area of ​​the arms, this lifeguard can definitely make a difference between go through a scare or drown;

You will need appropriate clothing like a pair of long pants. You also need to take with youthe appropriate shoes and an extra set of clothes;

Always put a good sun block in the areas that aren’t covered to protect yourself against sunburn. Always clean your hands very well after putting on sunscreen not to damage the fishing equipment;

Hydrate very well before going out, take a light breakfast and bring enough water or soda to be able to stay very well hydrated throughout the fishing trip. Also, it is always a good idea to bring good food that can provide energy throughout the day;

Take with you a cooler for storing your catch and keeping bottled water cold.

If you want to spend the night, it is imperative to have a tent plus a sleeping bag, a chair or a lounge chair and if possible an umbrella. If you do not want to buy all these accessories at once, try to take them at least the first two because they are the most important. Look for a large enough tent made of waterproof material with ventilation possibilities, including the mosquito net. On the sleeping bag check the label to see the size, padding density, weight and minimum temperature you can use.

This are the most important things you should take with you if you are planning a fishing trip.

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